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What is (powered by VaccineFinder) is a website that helps millions of people find vaccines near them.

How do I get my location and vaccine availability to show on

To have your location and vaccine availability show on, you (or your jurisdiction if they are managing your information on your behalf) must have a current COVID Locating Health Provider Portal account.
Downloadable quick reference guide for jurisdictions and providers to update their COVID-19 vaccine availability and location display.
Guidance for Reporting to
If you want additional information on setting up your public display information, go to the Enter public display location information section.
If you want additional information about setting up COVID-19 vaccine availability, go to the Setting up COVID-19 availability at your site and Report your COVID-19 vaccine inventory sections.
If you want information on providing your flu vaccine availability, go to the Set up flu vaccines that will be available at your location(s) and Report your flu vaccine stock status sections.
If you have questions, contact us.
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