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For program support

For questions about becoming a COVID-19 vaccine provider, you must first coordinate with your organization or jurisdiction. Please email your CDC Immunization Information Systems (IIS) point of contact or [email protected] immunization program for more information.

Frequently asked questions

About my COVID Locating Health Provider Platform account

How do I get my account registration invite email resent?

How do I reset my password?

How do I change the point of contact for my account?

  • Changes to the point of contact for your account must be coordinated through your jurisdiction. If you need assistance please contact us for help.

Using the COVID Locating Health Provider Portal

What do I do if the file upload tab is missing?

  • At this time the file upload tab is only available to jurisdiction or organization level accounts. If you are a secondary contact for the location, you will not be able to see the file upload tab. We are working on updating this to allow all accounts to access the file upload tab. Check back for updates or contact us for help.

How data displays on

Why isn't my location showing on

How do we remove our location from showing on

My location's information/inventory status is wrong, how do I fix it?

How do we get the ✅appointments available on

Appointment availability data is pulled into via API for providers who can adhere to the Smart Scheduling FHIR specification laid out here. If you have published your end points or would like to discuss integration contact us.