Enter COVID-19 vaccine inventory - by custom spreadsheet

Who should use this guide

  • Providers and jurisdictions who have completed registration for a COVID Locating Health Provider Portal account.

  • Providers and jurisdictions that have already set up COVID-19 vaccines that will be available at your location(s).

  • Providers and jurisdictions are ready to log COVID-19 vaccines and want to log data using a spreadsheet generated their own inventory spreadsheet externally instead of using the template supplied in the COVID Locating Health portal.

Setting up your custom spreadsheet file

Jurisdictions reporting inventory through their Immunization Information System (IIS) for all provider locations in their jurisdiction or pharmacies reporting for all locations in their pharmacy chain may generate a file directly from an external tracking system and then upload into the COVID Locating Health portal.

Important custom file notes

  • The file must match what is outlined in the tables below.

  • Column headers are required and must match the below table.

  • Any field marked as Optional may be left blank.

Custom inventory spreadsheet requirements

Field Name


Required/ Optional


Organization Name

Name of the organization as entered in the pre-enrollment application


Free text – 255 character limit

Provider Location Name

Location name for each provider location as entered in the pre-enrollment application


Free text – 255 character limit

Provider ID

This is a unique identifier created by COVID Locating Health Provider Portal

Optional if VTrckS ID is present

Vaccines.gov generated alphanumeric unique identifier for each location


This is the unique identifier for each provider location assigned by VTrckS (VTrckS Provider PIN)

Optional if Provider ID is present

3-digit alphanumeric prefix + up to 6-digit PIN.


  • β€œALA123456”

  • β€œALA 456”

Street Address

Street number and name


Address as it appears in the provider agreement.

Address must be in one of the following formats in order to ensure that the system can match to

a proper mailing address and therefore map it properly:

  • "123 Main St"

  • "123 Main St #456"

  • "123 Main St, Suite 7"

  • "123 Main St, Building A"

This is Bad Formatting, and will not be accepted:

  • 123-127 Main St

Street Address 2

Apartment, suite, or building number


Free text




(example: "Boston")



Two Character State

(example: "MA")

Postal Code

ZIP code


5-digit or 9-digit zip code. The following formats are accepted:

  • "02111"

  • "02919-3232"


The 14 digit Generic Product Identifier Code.


14 digit GPI code for the medication. This can be with or without the hyphens:

  • 58-20-00-60-10-01-05

  • 58200060100105

Medication Type

The type of medication (one digit letter)


The value will be a single letter, either β€œB”, β€œG”, or β€œV”. The values stand for the following:

  • "B" - Brand name

  • "G" - Generic

  • "V" - Vaccine


The National Drug Code


10 or 11 digit NDC for the vaccine. Can be either NDC of use or NDC of sale.

This can be entered with or without hyphens or leading 0:

  • 88888-1000-02

  • 88888100002

  • 88888-1000-2

  • 8888810002

PLEASE NOTE: Only one NDC per vaccine presentation is allowed for a single location. If there are multiple rows for single NDC and location the file will fail.

Medication Name

The name of the medication


Format and suggested value examples:

  • Drug Name - Dosage Form - Strength

  • Pfizer – COVID Vaccine – 0 mcg/0.3mL dose

  • Pfizer COVID Vaccine 0 mcg/0.3mL dose


The number of doses on-hand for the NDC.

  • Use Unknown or if you don't know the quantity at the time of reporting. The quantity that was last reported (with date of when that quantity was reported) for that NDC will be sent to the CDC. If you have the same number of doses on-hand for multiple days, please report that number each day to correctly reflect the quantity on-hand.

  • Use Remove if you no longer administer that vaccine.


Acceptable values:

β€’ 0 or positive integer β€’ UNKNOWN


In Stock

If you want to report quantity but want the vaccine to show as out of stockon Vaccines.gov, you can report Quantity but mark In Stock as No.

If you leave it blank, this field will default based on your Quantity.

  • If Quantity >0: In Stock, Yes

  • If Quantity = 0: In Stock, No


Acceptable values:

  • Yes

  • No

  • Blank

Supply Level

Choose the option that best describes how long you expect your supply to last. This should be some expectation of how likely the vaccine is to be available. This field does not yet display on Vaccines.gov.


Acceptable values:


  • LOW (<24 hours supply)

  • MEDIUM (24-48 hours supply)

  • HIGH (>48 hours supply)

When you are ready to upload your filled in custom inventory spreadsheet

➑️ Login to your COVID Locating Health Provider Portal account at https://covid.locating.health/login.

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