Process overview

Who should use this guide

This documentation is for providers who are approved COVID-19 vaccine administrators and have received a registration email from, powered by VaccineFinder, inviting them to set up a COVID Locating Health Provider Portal account.
If you haven't enrolled, find out how to enroll.

Providers & Jurisdictions

Providers refers to approved COVID-19 vaccine administrators that report COVID-19 vaccine inventory data on behalf of one or more locations.
Jurisdictions refers to the 50 states, 8 territories, and 4 major metropolitan areas eligible to enroll COVID-19 providers. Some jurisdictions report on behalf of all providers in their jurisdiction. All jurisdictions have been onboarded to this program at this time.
The sections below provide instructions on registration and reporting.
+ Reporting flu vaccines (optional)

Federal Pharmacy Partners

Federal Pharmacy Partners (FPP) refers to providers who receive vaccine allotment through a Federal Pharmacy Partner. FPPs either report centrally via an sFTP file or individually via the COVID Locating Health Provider Portal.

This section provides instructions and considerations for FPP on reporting