Enter flu vaccine stock status - by file upload

Who should use this guide

Although it is not required, we encourage you to report if your location(s) have flu vaccines in stock or out of stock every two weeks so the public using Vaccines.gov can easily find a flu vaccine near them. If you haven't updated your flu vaccine stock status in over two weeks, your stock status on on Vaccines.gov will change from "in stock" to "call to confirm" and your location will not appear in searches.


Login to your COVID Locating Health Provider Portal account at https://covid.locating.health/login.

Visit login instructions for help.

Entering your vaccine inventory

➡️ Download an inventory spreadsheet

The first time you visit this page to upload your stock status, you will only have the Blank template option to select.

After you've submitted at least one file with stock status, you will have the option to choose your Blank template or Your most recent file. Either can be used to update and submit new vaccine stock status.

About the Blank template

  • The file name will include other vaccine inventory template and the date other-vaccine-inventory-template_YYYY-MM-DD.csv

  • The file will pre-populate with all the locations and NDCs for your organization. Any new locations added after provider setup will automatically appear in the template files.

  • The In Stock column starts with <Enter Yes or No>for each NDC and location

About the Your most recent file template

  • The file name will be other-vaccine-inventory_YYYY-MM-DD.csv

  • The file will come with all location data pre-filled, including any NDC selected during provider setup or added through the manual form. The file will have your last reported stock value pre-filled in the In Stock column.

➡️ Fill out the In Stock and Supply level columns for each vaccine you offer



Acceptable values

In Stock

Enter yes if you have flu vaccines available to the public.

  • Yes

  • No

Supply level

Optional. This data does not currently display to the public on Vaccines.gov but may display in the future.

Choose the option that best describes how long you expect your supply to last — just enough information to give the public using Vaccines.gov some expectation of how likely the vaccine is to be available.


  • LOW (<24 hours supply)

  • MEDIUM (24-48 hours supply)

  • HIGH (>48 hours supply)

➡️ Save your changes to the file

Tip: save the file to your desktop so that it is easier to find to upload.

➡️ To upload your file, select the Browse button in the box labeled Step 3 on the Upload File screen

Navigate on your computer to find your file, select it, and click Open.

➡️ Select the file that has now appeared and press the Upload button

➡️ Check that your file was successfully validated

If there are no errors, the file will upload successfully, Step 3 will change to a green Success! message. It will also tell you how many records were updated so you can make sure that is correct.

Your new stock values will be visible on Vaccines.gov within 5 hours.

If you get an error message, the upload has failed. Check the error message for information on what is causing the error. Once you have fixed the error, click Try Again to upload the new file.

Troubleshooting errors

  • Make sure you are only using supported values.

  • Make sure you aren't missing any required fields VTrckS Pin or Provider ID, NDC, or a stock status for at least one vaccine.

Tip: Flu vaccines don't show on Vaccines.gov using their clinical names. Visit How flu vaccines display to see how they display.

Congratulations, you have now updated your flu stock status!

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