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Enter flu vaccine stock status - manually

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Remember to update your flu vaccine stock status every 2 weeks

Although it is not required, we encourage you to report if your location(s) have flu vaccines in stock or out of stock every two weeks so the public using can easily find a flu vaccine near them. If you haven't updated your flu vaccine stock status in over two weeks, your stock status on will change from "in stock" to "call to confirm" and your location will not appear in searches.


Login to your COVID Locating Health Provider Portal account at

Entering your flu vaccine stock status

All your locations will be listed out on the screen along with the most recently entered information for each location.
Screenshot of Other Vaccines Log Manually screen

Make sure all your locations have the correct settings for display to the public

Use the Display to the Public toggle for each location or see instructions for selecting locations to display to the public. If a location is not set to display to the public, you will not be able to edit the stock status for any flu vaccine.

Select the Edit button in the header bar for your location

Screenshot of visual location of edit button

Enter your stock and supply level data

Screenshot of data fields

Click Submit Inventory

You will receive a success message letting you know your stock status has been recorded. The new stock status will be visible on the public facing site within 5 hours.
Tip: Flu vaccines don't show on using their manufacturer or brand names. Visit How flu vaccines display for details.
Congratulations, you have now updated your flu stock status!