How COVID-19 vaccines and locations display

Your location will be findable on if:

Where info on your location detail page comes from

The screenshot below has numbers next to fields that are displayed on The following table has the corresponding number and data source for each field.
Example of public display information on
Screen element
Where data comes from
#1 Location name & address
The administration address field in partner enrollment files submitted to IZDL.
#2 Phone number
Display phone number if using manual entry.
Public display phone number if using file upload.
#3 Appointment availability statement
If provider is sharing appointment availability via API, will show as "Appointments Available" or "No appointments available". If data is not shared, will show as "Check appointment availability"
#4 Button
Web Address if using manual entry.
Web Address if using file upload.
If left blank, button label changes to "Call the Location" and when clicked, gives users option to call from their computer or device.
#5 COVID-19 stock availability
In Stock if using manual inventory entry. In Stock if using inventory file upload method.
See vaccine stock data section below for more details about vaccine status.
#6 Website link
Web Address if using manual entry.
Web Address if using file upload.
#7 Notes
Notes if using manual entry.
Provider Notes if using file upload.
#8 Hours
Open Hours if using manual entry.
Hours if using file upload.

Vaccine stock data

Stock levels are presented one of three ways for each type of vaccine:
Stock label
In Stock
Inventory quality = >0
Call To Confirm
Inventory quantity = >0 but inventory hasn't been updated in 72+ hrs
Out of Stock
Inventory quantity = 0