How flu vaccines and locations display

Location findability

Your location will be findable on if all of the following are true::

How each Flu NDC is displayed

Instead of using official NDC vaccine names, flu vaccines are grouped into four categories, listed as Vaccine Options, on to make it easier for the public to select and find flu vaccines. If any vaccine in a searchable category is in stock at a location, that category will show as in stock on

When searching for flu vaccines on, the options display as:

Label used on

NDCs included under this label

Flu Shot

All non-high-dose quadrivalent shot NDCs (Afluria, FluLaval, and Fluzone)

Flu Shot (egg-free)

All egg-free NDCs (Flublock and Flucelvax)

Flu Shot (65+, high-dose or adjuvanted)

All high-dose and adjuvanted NDCs (Fluzone High Dose and Fluad)

Flu Nasal Spray

FluMist nasal spray

Tip: If you haven't updated your flu vaccine stock status in over two weeks, your stock status on will change from "in stock" to "call to confirm."

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