Set up flu vaccines that will be available at your location(s)

Who should use this guide

  • Providers and jurisdictions who have completed registration for a COVID Locating Health Provider Portal account.

  • You are ready to add flu vaccine stock to your location(s).


Login to your COVID Locating Health Provider Portal account at

Visit login instructions for help.

Adding vaccines

After you click Add Vaccines, you will see this screen:

➡️ Choose vaccines to add

From this screen you will first select the vaccine(s) you need to add to your location(s). You can select all, or choose individual vaccines.

➡️ Choose locations to add your selected vaccines

Next, choose which of your locations you want to add that vaccine to. You can select all, or choose individual locations.

➡️ Select Add Vaccines to save your selections

Select the Add Vaccines button at the bottom of the page to save your vaccine selection. You can also select Cancel at any time to return to the Other Inventory Screen.

Once you've successfully added your new vaccine(s), they will automatically be available for you to report your inventory via either the manual or template upload methods.

Tip: Flu vaccines don't show on using their manufacturer or brand names. Visit How flu vaccines display for details.

Removing vaccines

If you no longer carry a vaccine, you can remove it from your inventory.

➡️ Remove a vaccine from your inventory one of two ways

Option 1: Log manually

Click the Other Vaccines link in the header then the Log Manually tab.

Click Edit at the top of your vaccine list.

Select the X button to the right of the vaccine you wish to remove.

Option 2: Template upload:

Follow instructions for updating your inventory using the template method. Type the word remove in the In Stock field for the vaccine you wish to remove and upload your spreadsheet as usual.

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