Enter COVID-19 vaccine inventory - manually

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Remember to update your inventory monthly

As a provider administering COVID-19 vaccines, you are required to update your inventory monthly.

If a location is set to display to the public, it is extra important to keep your inventory up to date so it continues to show correctly on Vaccines.gov!

If your inventory hasn't been updated in over 29 days, your location will no longer display in search results on Vaccines.gov.


Login to your COVID Locating Health Provider Portal account at https://covid.locating.health/login.

Visit login instructions for help.

Entering your inventory

All your locations will be listed on the screen along with the most recently entered inventory for each location.

➡️ Select the Edit button in the header bar for your location

Once you have selected edit, the table will become editable. You can also cancel at any time from this screen, and no changes will be saved.

➡️ Enter your dose, stock, and supply level data



Enter the number of doses on-hand at each location.


In Stock

If you enter any quantity > 0 in the Doses field, In Stock will default to Yes. However, if you want the vaccine to show on Vaccines.gov as out of stock, you can change to No.

Required if your location is set to display to the public.

Supply Level

Only available for locations set to display to the public but this data does not yet display to the public on Vaccines.gov.

Choose the option that best describes how long you expect your supply to last. This should be some expectation of how likely the vaccine is to be available.


Please note that the "Date Submitted" column will automatically update when a change is submitted for any of the fields in the table above (Doses, In Stock, Supply Level). There are three different statuses that may display in the Date Submitted column:

  • "Now" status in purple indicates that a change was just submitted

  • Date status in green indicates that inventory has been updated within 29 days and is in compliance

  • Date status in red followed by "!" indicates that inventory has not been updated in 29 days or more and is out of compliance

➡️ Click Submit Inventory

You will receive a success message letting you know your inventory has been recorded.

Repeat if needed for multiple locations.

The most recently reported inventory is sent to the CDC every day at 5:00 am Eastern. The new stock levels will be visible to the public on Vaccines.gov site within 5 hours.

Tip: Visit How COVID vaccines display to see how they display.

Congratulations, you have now reported your inventory!

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