Create your COVID Locating Health Provider Portal account

Who should use this guide

  • Providers who are approved COVID-19 vaccine administrators and have received a registration email from inviting them to set up a COVID Locating Health Provider Portal (Provider Portal) account. COVID-19 vaccine providers can add flu vaccine stock information for their location after they complete the initial account set up.

Create your account

Find your registration email

As an approved COVID-19 vaccine provider, you should receive an email from [email protected] inviting you to create a COVID Locating Health Provider Portal account. This invitation will expire after 7 days.
Screenshot of registration email

Troubleshooting your registration email

  • Check what email address is listed in Section A of your Provider Agreement - this is the address your registration email is sent to. If you need to change this email please contact your jurisdiction or pharmacy partner.
  • Check your email spam, junk folder, or search your inbox for emails from [email protected].
  • Check if your link has expired. If your registration link is older than 7 days, it will expire. You will receive new reminder emails with new links every 5 days.
  • Still need help? Contact us.

Enter account email address and create password

Enter your account's email address, this must be the email address that received the registration email. You may then create a password.
Screenshot of account creation
Tips for creating a secure password:
  • Use upper- and lower-case letters (e.g., Aa)
  • User 8 or more characters
  • Use a number (e.g., 1234)
  • Use a symbol (e.g., !@#?)
  • No guessable password (e.g. Password123!)
  • No password containing part of username
  • No password containing first or last name

Select the COVID-19 vaccines your location(s) will administer

This step is optional during setup. If you do not know which vaccines you will be administering at the time of sign up, you may skip this step and visit enter location information when you're ready.
Select vaccine(s) from the drop down. Your selected vaccines will appear under VACCINES ADDED.
If you need to remove a vaccine, click the small X to the right of the vaccine name.
Vaccines selected at this phase will be added to all locations listed in your account.
This is only for COVID-19 vaccines, flu vaccines can be added through the portal after the initial setup. Visit the flu set up page for more information.
Screenshot of provider setup screen

Choose how you are going to report into

You have two options for how you will report. This choice determines how many accounts you will be able to create for your organization.
The Your Locations box will show location(s) currently listed on for your organization.
Screenshot of location setup question
Option 1: Report on behalf of all locations listed on your Provider Setup page
This option limits you to only one account.
Option 2: Each location is responsible for reporting their own information
This option allows you to have 2 additional user accounts per location. Additional registration emails will be sent to the email addresses listed for primary and backup location contact from Section B of the Provider Agreement. You and the two additional contacts will have accounts.
If you select option 2, you will see the following screen confirming the additional accounts that will be sent registration emails.
Screenshot of additional location contacts

Click Save at the bottom of the page

Once you have selected your vaccines and your reporting designation, save your preferences by selecting the Save button.
When you have completed provider setup you will be brought to to login with your username and password. Visit Login instructions if you need help with this step. You will also receive the confirmation email below.
Tip: Bookmark this page so that you know where to go in the future!
Congratulations, you have set up your COVID Locating Health Provider Portal account!